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M-learning en educación
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The mobile phone or Smartphone has become an increasingly sophisticated device, turning into a small computer that can be taken anywhere. This offers great options that we can take advantage of. One of them is to be able to use it as another tool for studying. This is why more and more e-learning courses are being adapted to the mobile phone format. Such is the boom that it has even begun to be called m-learning. 

Advantages of using mobile phones in e-learning 

The use of mobile phones as a complement to e-learning is a specialisation of what we consider to be traditional online learning. This new method manages to combine the options offered by computers with those offered by mobile phones. The following are the advantages of using mobile phones as a learning tool: 

  • Adaptation to the mobile phone: There are more and more applications that enable any type of content to be adapted to the size of the mobile phone. This means that, knowing these features, the contents offered in the course are also adapted to mobile formats in order to improve their use. 
  • More topicality: Having the course completely available on the mobile phone makes it possible to be completely up to date with everything that is happening. This is good in the sense that you can find out about an event, assignment, work, chat or video-conference instantly. It can also access your calendar and alert you to anything that is of interest to you, so that you don’t forget anything. At the same time, you can maintain continuous contact with the teacher at any time which allows you to resolve any doubts instantly. 
  • Study anywhere: In big cities where a large part of the time is spent in transportation, having this facility is very important. Having any content or tool in the palm of your hand makes it easier for you to spend that spare time studying the new syllabus or familiarising yourself with the content that has just been uploaded to the platform. 
  • Availability of digital elements: Those who opt for this type of course tend to be those who have little time available. Therefore, having the course available on your mobile can allow you to access study tools that would be impossible without your mobile, or another electronic device such as a tablet. For example, in cases where online master classes are held at a specific time, these mobile devices give you the ability to access them at the time they are held. Another example is debates, there are times when certain topics are discussed that you would like to interact on, but the discussion takes place at a time when you don’t have your computer available. Thanks to this availability you will be able to access it without any problem and be part of it. 
  • Didactic applications: This is a great tool that can be used to improve students’ skills. It consists of making applications based on interactive activities that allow them to put into practice what is being explained. It is a great tool because it facilitates and speeds up your students’ learning. One of its strong points is its availability on the mobile phone, which allows it to be considered as a game or an element of distraction and to use it when they are bored. 

After explaining all these strengths of m-learning, trust it and try to include it in the study methods of your online course. You will help your students and you will achieve an attractive course taking advantage of the benefits offered by the mobile phone.

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