Evolmind is a Spanish company specialized in the development of eLearning platforms for online training management since 2006.

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Ponemos la tecnología al servicio de la formación


We seek the balance between power and simplicity. We want everyone, even without prior knowledge, to be able to use our technology.

Customer centric

Our clients are the origin and the centre of everything. You are the ones who set the course and the continuous improvement of our products.

Effective service

Even more important than developing a good product is offering excellent service to our customers. We are always by your side, looking for your success.

Continuous improvement

Always in constant evolution, improving our products and services every day.

How it all began?

Like all great ideas. In a garage? No, with enthusiasm, and keeness to deliver solutions to tricky situations and, of course, a little madness. This is how EvolMind came about, from the hands of a group of friends who, from the beginning, were carrying out very diverse projects linked to the world of e-learning.

For years, they had the opportunity to closely understand the pros and cons, the needs and the brakes that companies had to deliver online training. With all this knowledge, they felt challenged to bring online training to everyone, young and old, with or without previous experience.

This is how evolCampus was born, the simplest and most effective platform for online training.

The e-learning world is vast. For us, this is only the beginning.

Our team

The best of EvolMind. The people who make it possible for you to have the best online training tools in your hands every day. Those who are waiting on the other side to answer your questions. Those who think of improvements, those who create them, those who communicate them to you.

We are a young, dynamic and diverse team that unites knowledge and creativity to offer you the best e-learning experience. The complicity between us, the closeness with the client makes us get involved and strive to have the best technology and service for your online training projects.


Are you ready to take online training to the next level?