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What is logo evolmind?

We are a company specialized in the development of eLearning tools and platforms for online training management since 2006.

What do we do?

Comprehensive and easy e-learning solutions for everyone

Making sure that technology is never a barrier for you or anyone else, in terms of cost, time or implementation.

Providing management, delivery and learning support from anywhere in the world.

Providing expertise and thoughtful tools that support and empower those who use them.

Why choose us?

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How it all began?

Like all great ideas, in a garage? No, with enthusiasm, a desire to offer simple solutions to complex situations and a bit of madness.

That's how EvolMind started, with a group of friends who, from the beginning, worked on

Over the years, we had a close understanding of the pros and cons, the needs and the obstacles that companies had to impart online training.

With all this knowledge, we saw before us the challenge of bringing online training closer and simplifying it for everyone, big and small, with or without previous experience.

Thus, tools and solutions in the cloud were born, such as evolCampus, the platform that anyone can use to succeed.

Who is behind it?

Although our physical headquarters are located in Spain (Zaragoza), we believe that everything is achievable and possible "from a distance".

For this reason, we are open to the world, not only reaching out to clients from anywhere, but we are committed by a multicultural staff that teleworks from different geographical locations.

Our work philosophy is to apply a methodology where people are the centre of everything. And our team of engineers, developers, marketers, sales, designers and customer service, besides being the main strength of EvolMind, make the customer experience fascinating from start to finish.

What about our clients?

From all sectors, areas, sizes... And all of them are giants!

Do you want to grow with us? 😎