What is Evolmind?

We are a company specialized in the development of eLearning tools and platforms for online training management since 2006.

What do we do?

Comprehensive and easy e-learning solutions for everyone


We seek the balance between power and simplicity. We want everyone, even without prior knowledge, to be able to use our technology.

Customer centric

Our clients are the origin and the centre of everything. You are the ones who set the course and the continuous improvement of our products.

Effective service

Even more important than developing a good product is offering excellent service to our customers. We are always by your side, looking for your success.

Continuous improvement

Always in constant evolution, improving our products and services every day.

Logrando que la tecnología jamás sea una barrera para ti y para nadie, por coste, tiempo o implantación.

Brindando ayuda en la gestión, impartición y aprendizaje desde cualquier lugar del mundo.

Aportando experiencia y cuidadas herramientas que respaldan y empoderan a cuantos las usan.

Why choose us?

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How it all began?

Like all great ideas. In a garage? No, with enthusiasm, and keeness to deliver solutions to tricky situations and, of course, a little madness. This is how EvolMind came about, from the hands of a group of friends who, from the beginning, were carrying out very diverse projects linked to the world of e-learning.

For years, they had the opportunity to closely understand the pros and cons, the needs and the brakes that companies had to deliver online training. With all this knowledge, they felt challenged to bring online training to everyone, young and old, with or without previous experience.

This is how evolCampus was born, the simplest and most effective platform for online training.

The e-learning world is vast. For us, this is only the beginning.

Who is behind it?

Although our physical headquarters are located in Spain (Zaragoza), we believe that everything is achievable and possible "from a distance".

For this reason, we are open to the world, not only reaching out to clients from anywhere, but we are committed by a multicultural staff that teleworks from different geographical locations.

Our work philosophy is to apply a methodology where people are the centre of everything. And our team of engineers, developers, marketers, sales, designers and customer service, besides being the main strength of EvolMind, make the customer experience fascinating from start to finish.

What about our clients?

From all sectors, areas, sizes... And all of them are giants!

Do you want to grow with us? 😎