The LMS platform for Academies that offers you everything at a very low cost

Imagine managing your academy's online training with very little effort, from a single platform and without the need for installation or technical knowledge.

With evolCampus it is possible.


Win over your learners

With an intuitive e-learning platform for academies that motivates them to continue without needing help and which they can use on any device.

Do everything in seconds

Design your courses with ease by using all the features of the tool, create them from scratch or copy and upload a course you have already created.

Encourage learning

Allow your learners to prepare at their own pace, learn in a collaborative way and receive the support of tutors and teachers to finish the course successfully.

and win

Enroll from your website, manage the entire training process autonomously, streamline tasks, and save time with the perfect e-learning platform.

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Add extra value to the online training of your Academy

Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, learners will be totally independent and will be able to acquire new knowledge and skills with more agility.

Having an e-learning platform for academies gives you something valuable: time. In this way, you can ensure the quality of teaching and other related tasks.

evolCampus does it all so you can focus on what's important to you.

"Affordable, easy to use, whether for people like us who have never managed online training before or for prospective learners. A fast and helpful support team is another positive aspect".
Emma Caminiti
CEO Cero6

The LMS for academies that boosts enrolments

Gain flexibility

Enroll learners automatically, individually or en masse within minutes. Assign them to groups, teachers and according to the type of learning, synchronous or asynchronous.

Boost productivity

Administrator, teacher, coordinator, learner... Grant permissions to all the actors of the training so that each one works with the appropriate functions.

Enhance your team

Enhance the teacher's work with communication tools, monitoring or overview of tasks so that they can participate successfully in the training.

Motivate your learners

Create the best atmosphere in the course with your multimedia content and different communication channels. They make the course more sociable, bring dynamism and delight everyone.

Gain popularity

Personalise the campus with your URL and corporate image and award diplomas so that learners remember your academy and take it with them throughout their working life.

Take control

Monitor the progress of your learners and use the results of reports or surveys to assess course performance and improve future training.

One e-learning platform for all Academies

LMS platform for competitive examination academies

evolCampus is a virtual classroom for competitive examination academies that is completely versatile and practical, as it adapts perfectly to your needs and those of the candidate.

It structures the contents by themes or blocks, generates random multiple choice tests and creates discussion forums or allows them to use the chat to resolve their doubts and achieve fast and enjoyable learning.

LMS Platform for Language Academies

Learning a new language involves a certain complexity and the tool you provide must be very intuitive and easy to use for profiles of all ages.

With the virtual teaching platform for language academies you can create as many courses as you wish, assign groups by level of difficulty and have the teachers clarify all the doubts of your learners through videoconferencing.

LMS platform for computer academies

Whether you teach computer science, digital transformation or cybersecurity courses, you need your online platform to be flexible and effective.

Offer a suitable medium for learning and award your learners with diplomas customised with the corporate image of your academy.

LMS systems for academies that offer courses to companies

Accompany employees on their professional journey with a quality learning management system for academies that is easy for anyone to use.

If your customers need subsidised training, evolCampus meets the requirements of Fundae 100%.

More information

The Academies ask...

How long does it take for the platform to be active from the moment I sign up?

Activation is immediate. Once you sign up for your e-learning platform for academies, you will receive your access codes and you can start uploading content, enrolling learners and carrying out the training. In a few minutes you will be using the LMS learning management system for academies, without any technical complications.

What do I need to use evolCampus? Do I need to train the learners and teachers of the academy first?

You only need a device with an internet connection. The platform is in the cloud and has everything you need for online training. You will see that its simplicity makes it easy to use from the very first moment, without the need for manuals and without previous knowledge of any kind.

How many courses can I create in this e-learning platform? Can I separate the learners into groups?

In evolCampus you do not have a limit to the number of courses, administrators or teachers. Moreover, you will be able to give synchronous and asynchronous training and differentiate groups of learners according to their characteristics, as if they were different classes.

How much will I pay for my LMS platform for academies? Is there any kind of permanence?

Our entire service is simple, with zero risk and zero surprises for your academy. That's why there is no initial cost, and no commitment of permanence. You can sign up for one month and unsubscribe the next.

Our price is flexible, you only pay for the exact number of active learners you have each month.

Calculate the cost and sign up, if you wish.

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