An LMS platform for Training Centres (with great powers)

Deliver the best online training with an e-learning platform that integrates everything that training participants need... And much more.

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Access to everyone

Your learners are in different geographical locations. Enable them to learn with logical steps, self-help tips and in any language or medium.

Be part of the trend

Connect and motivate your learners with audio-visual and communication tools that socialise and add dynamism to the courses you offer.

Progress effortlessly

Market and enroll from your website, manage the entire training process with autonomy, streamline tasks and save time and money with the perfect tool.

Focus on your Training Centre

Enroll learners, create courses, assign groups or redirect useful information to your centre's operational programmes. Do it all in a flexible and automated way.

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A very e-learning platform

Offering online training that enhances learners' skills with impeccable quality is really easy.

You need an LMS platform for training centres that combines the e-learning philosophy and the technological demands of the different professional profiles.

That is evolCampus. And this is what the different training centres that make the most of it will benefit from.

"Sell courses by making enrolment accessible from your website, automate tasks and export useful data for your usual work tools".
Javier Pintanel Lobaco
International Area Director at MasterD

Equip your Training Centre with an outstanding LMS learning platform

It meets the demands

It provides a tool that is easy to use for all participants, from day one and requires no prior training or support from the centre

Be practical

Monitor progress, analyse achievements, visualise results with reports and achievement surveys as well as assess whether the course is meeting expectations

Focus on each role

Give disparate roles and permissions to training participants: administrator, teacher, coordinator and learner will have a better focus.

Give your team the best

Give your faculty multiple tools for productivity, evaluation, communication and monitoring to drive synchronous or asynchronous learning.

Make the centre visible

Personalise the campus with your URL and corporate image and award diplomas so that your training centre supports your learners in their professional life.

Anticipate events

With a stable and secure e-learning platform for training centres, which works at all times and makes it possible to increase or decrease the number of learners according to your demands.

One LMS platform for all the Training Centre

LMS System for Administration and Finance Training Centres

With this e-learning platform for training centres, you can structure your courses by modules and offer a variety of activities.

Thanks to tests, discussion forums and videoconferences (live or recorded), your learners will perfectly assimilate all the concepts related to the business economics area.

The best platform for online classes for Business and Marketing Training Centres

With evolCampus, you can create or upload audiovisual content, Scorm, ... Everything you want to offer your learners to help them develop their professional career.

You can monitor the evolution of your learners with the communication and evaluation tools that are essential in e-learning education for training centres.

LMS Platform for Hospitality and Tourism Training Centres

evolCampus is a versatile and multipurpose learning management platform for training centres.

Build as many courses as you want or duplicate existing ones and organise your groups by levels or requirements.

Achieve the best e-learning experience for all those who want to specialise in e-learning.

LMS systems for Training Centres that deliver courses to companies

Accompany employees on their professional journey with a quality, flexible and up-to-date online training tool.

If your customers need subsidised training, evolCampus meets the requirements of Fundae 100%.


The Training Centres ask...

How long does it take for the e-learning platform to be active from the moment I sign up?

The activation of the LMS platform for training centres is immediate. As soon as you sign up, you will receive an access code and then it's time to start creating your online course in your training centre. You will be able to access the evolCampus system and start whenever you want: content creation, customisation of the tool, learner enrolment, etc.

Is it possible to conduct live classes via videoconference from evolCampus?

Yes, in evolCampus you can easily integrate the main videoconference providers in the market. In this way, the learner will not have to leave the system to follow the session and you will be able to register more efficiently if they have connected or not.

What happens if my number of learners changes over time? How much will I pay?

We can proudly boast that our online training platform for training centres is the easiest to use. This is also true for recruitment. It is very simple. There is no upfront cost, no commitment of permanence, so you can use the platform for as long as you need it and then cancel the following month.

Our price is flexible and you only pay for the number of learners you have active each month. Calculate the cost and sign up if you wish

Can I create and personalise diplomas and certificates in evolCampus?

Yes, the LMS platform for training centres has a section for creating diplomas so that you can customise them as you wish, as well as deciding whether to deliver them personally or if you grant permission for the learners to download them once they have completed the course.

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