A classy e-learning platform for Business Schools

Boost your learners' careers with an e-learning platform for business schools that raises the bar from enrolment to certification.

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Think about your learners

Offer contents in different formats as well as current audiovisual and communication tools. They motivate, socialise and create dynamism.

Do less of the same

From enrolment, course creation or group assignment. Automate, gain flexibility and share useful data with your other work tools

Consolidate a strong image

Customise your e-learning platform for business schools with your URL, logo and colours. Your learners will associate their experience with your brand and will pass it on to their contacts.

Raise the bar

Analyse progress and achievements, visualise results with reports and achievement surveys, and award customised diplomas and degrees en masse.

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Triple Crown yourself with online training from your Business School

Whether for masters, postgraduates, experts or courses, an LMS platform for business schools has to work perfectly and ensure a smooth journey for all training participants.

evolCampus enriches learning and simplifies tasks for all those using the tool.

“Since we started working with evolCampus we have been able to invest our time entirely in designing the training contents, because both the platform (very intuitive) and the availability of the technical team mean that any doubt or suggestion can be solved immediately and efficiently. We have received a very professional and human service from the first contact. The continuous revision and updating of the platform to provide us with a better service is impressive".
Addima recomienda evolcampus
Gema Puig
E-learning Coordinator at Addima

Add prestige to your Business School with online training

Focus on your School

Offer the educational community productivity tools that bring flexibility and value to training, both for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Invest in Quality

Guarantee the level of training with a secure LMS system for business schools. The success of your school depends directly on ensuring that it is up to standard every day.

Team up

Be the teacher's ally and boost your learners' careers with communication, monitoring and task viewing options to help them achieve their goals.

Make sure everyone has a role to play

Administrator, teacher, coordinator, learner or company, whatever the role. Grant different permissions according to your preferences and add productivity to all of them.

Generate benefits

Enrol from your website, manage the training process with autonomy and streamline your tasks with the perfect e-learning platform for business schools.

Ensure success

With an LMS system for business schools that is scalable to the number of learners you need. Pay only for the assets and forget about other outlays.

One e-learning platform for all Business Schools

It doesn't matter the size of your school, its international influence or reputation. It doesn't matter whether you offer undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

The quality of the training you provide must be the same. And that means training your learners with an easy-to-use and comprehensive e-learning platform for business schools that meets their high demands and yours.


The Business Schools ask...

How long does it take for the e-learning platform for Business Schools to be active once it has been purchased

It is immediate. As soon as you sign up for evolCampus you will receive the access codes and you will be able to start using the platform to create online courses for your business school, upload contents, register your learners and manage all the training.

What are the technical requirements to use evolCampus? What do my learners need?

There are no requirements and your learners don't need anything. Anyone who is going to use the LMS platform for Business Schools will only need a computer with an Internet connection. evolCampus is in the cloud and does not require any installation. You can rest assured that your courses will always be available whenever and wherever you are.

Can learners download their diploma from the platform?

Yes, we have a section for creating diplomas so that you can customise them as you wish, as well as decide whether you deliver them personally or if you give permission to the learners to download them from the platform once they have passed the course.

I need to add several teachers and another group of learners, what is the pricing and do I pay for each teacher or course created?

Our pricing is flexible, so you only pay for the number of learners you have active each month (minimum 50). After that, remember: there is no installation cost, no commitment of permanence.

In addition, you can add as many teachers as you need to the platform at no extra cost. Our prices include administrators, teachers and unlimited courses. Calculate the cost and sign up if you wish.

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