Win over your customers with the right LMS platform for Consultancies and Advisories

As a consultant or advisor you need an e-learning platform that is right for your customers - what if you get help from a tool designed for this purpose?


Zero effort

The LMS platform for consultancies is so user-friendly that all your customers will be able to use it from day one without any training.

Save time

Make enrolment accessible from your website, streamline tasks and simplify your work by exporting data from the platform into your usual applications.

Add value

Make the platform your own with your URL and corporate image or, if your customer wishes, with theirs. Always associate the experience received with your brand.

Adapt it to your consultancy

Create and organise your courses according to your preferences and those of your customers, offering a quality service and meeting their expectations.

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An e-learning platform for Consultancies and Advisors which takes everyone into consideration

The difficulty in delivering online training lies in making the process easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Captivate your customers with evolCampus, an e-learning platform that is so simple that everyone can use it with complete autonomy.

For some reason, more than 300 consultancies and advisors use it.

"EvolMind is a partner in our day to day life! Their customer support department always responds immediately when you need them. They are fast, efficient and understandable with everything you ask of them. Their platform is 100% recommendable. It is very easy to use and has great potential. In our case it fits our needs to the maximum and this makes it comfortable to work with. Thank you!"
Araceli Pérez
E-learning Director at Robotics S.A.

Deliver your online courses with a good LMS platform for consultancy firms

Recover your time

Manage your consultancy's online training comprehensively with a versatile and flexible platform. In this way, you will be able to attend to other important tasks.

Find solutions

Have a team that supports you at all times, and tools that guide learners and teachers so that they can progress autonomously.

No worries

Give your customers a reliable environment that they can access at any time. If the platform is secure, it will act normally no matter what happens.

Diferénciate del resto

Improve your training by uploading your multimedia resources to make your customers' training experience more dynamic via the virtual classroom platform for consultancy firms.

Controla cada detalle

Identify progress, evaluate achievements and obtain results that enable you to know exactly how the course is performing in depth and transfer it to the customers.

Think about tomorrow

With an LMS scalable to the number of learners you may need in the future and where you only pay for the number of learners you have active. There are no other costs or permanence.

One e-learning platform for all consultancies and advisors

E-learning platform for HR and Training Consultancies and Advisories

Train executives or managers, commercial profiles or other professional groups with an LMS platform for consultancies and HR advisors adapted to their requirements and the needs of each organisation.

E-learning platform for Technology Consultancies

evolCampus is designed to support the learning of all professionals. The platform makes the journey enjoyable for the learner and integrates assessment tools to identify talent.

LMS Systems for Consultancies and Business Advisors

Your customer is your priority. Offer them top-notch training and an LMS platform for consultancy and advisory services that is easy to use and packed with features.

If the experience is good, they will rely on your consultancy for future projects

E-learning platform for consultancies and Employment Advisors

Your customer (company, society, association...) has certain requirements when it comes to receiving online training.

Make sure you have a tool that allows you to work with different profiles simultaneously.

E-learning platform for Consultancy and Accountancy Firms

You need a platform for virtual classes for consultancies that transmits confidence to companies.

evolCampus is secure, stable and capable of delivering an e-learning experience that only adds real value to your accounting consultancy.

LMS Platform for Consultancies and Tax Advisors

The quality of the training you deliver will depend on the quality of the tool.

Automate tasks, analyse data and provide an experience that talks about you to both individuals and businesses.


Consultancies and Advisors ask...

Do my customers need to be trained to use the LMS platform for consultancies and advisors?

No. Most of them use evolCampus without any previous knowledge. Our e-learning system for consultancies is so intuitive that they will be able to use it instantly. All they need is a computer and an internet connection - it's that easy!

Can I manage and separate multiple customers from my LMS system for consultancies and advisors?

Yes, with the "Companies" functionality you can associate learners to different companies and give access to the person in charge to control the information. In addition, you will be able to customise each platform with the logo and colours that represent it.

How does evolCampus help me to simplify and optimize the management of training for my customers?

evolCampus is simple in every way. The signing up process is instantaneous, the prices are transparent, there are no upfront costs or installations and there is no commitment of permanence. A tool with which you can centralise all your training in one place.

Can I become an evolCampus partner?

If you like the evolCampus LMS platform for consultancies, you can expand your customer base and improve your business by distributing or promoting evolCampus. If you wish, Contact us and we will tell you about it.

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