The simple and complete e-learning platform for internal training

Add talent in your company and satisfaction to your customers with flexible training. How about using an LMS platform for internal training?

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Retain talent

Make your employees happy so they don't want to leave. Make them enjoy learning in a 24/7, engaging and easy-to-use training environment.

Centralise and win

Gestiona todo el proceso formativo, desde la creación de contenidos hasta la evaluación y análisis del curso. Optimiza tu tiempo con una única plataforma.

Start now

Your team can start training instantly, without any previous knowledge of the platform or e-learning. Forget about technical problems.

Offer security

Maintain confidentiality with an LMS platform for internal training that ensures the security of your data, is stable and runs smoothly.

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The LMS platform for internal training that companies are looking for

More and more companies are investing in training their employees, suppliers and customers.

If you want the training to be a success, the e-learning platform you provide needs to be very simple and intuitive in order to get the employees into the job as quickly as possible.

That is precisely what evolCampus does.

"Internal training enhances the professional development, skills and knowledge of the teams and has a positive impact on the evolution of the company. It is important to take into account the fact that candidates with concerns are committed to constant professional retraining. Invest in their talent by relying on online training so that their value remains in your company".

An online training platform beneficial for you and your employees, suppliers or customers.

Make things easy

Enroll learners automatically, individually or en masse in minutes. Assign them to groups, teachers and by type of learning, synchronous or asynchronous.

Save resources

Administrator, teacher, coordinator, learner... Grant permissions to all the actors of the training so that each of them can work with the appropriate functions.

Everyone likes it

Enrich the teacher's work with communication tools, monitoring or task vision so that they can participate successfully in the training.

Focus on what is useful

Create the best atmosphere in the course with your multimedia content and different communication channels. It makes the course more sociable, more dynamic and more enjoyable for everyone.

Get help from people

Customise the campus with your URL and corporate image and award diplomas so that learners remember your academy and take it with them into their working life.

Project into the future

Monitor the progress of your learners and take advantage of the results of reports or surveys to evaluate the performance of the course and improve future training.

An e-learning platform for internal training

E-learning platform for employees and suppliers

Your employees have no time to waste and a lot to gain. evolCampus is an e-learning platform for internal training that displays your content in an attractive, intuitive and easy to use virtual campus.

Online training platform for companies

Surprise your customers with a leading usability tool with a very fast learning curve. Start building trust and attract customers effortlessly with your business training platform.


Internal training companies ask...

Do I have to train my employees to use the platform?

No. The vast majority of customers operate evolCampus without any knowledge of e-learning, technology or the platform. It is so intuitive that you can use it instantly, without any training or manuals. evolCampus is not installed, and you don't have to download anything. Your customers only need a computer and an internet connection for their professional development - it's that easy!

Can I automate some processes to save time?

Yes, with our e-learning platform for internal training you will discover some functionalities that will make your life easier, such as mass enrolment, integration with your company's processes through the API or alert systems to monitor the progress of your learners. In addition, at the end you will be able to deliver personalised diplomas and export reports on the results of the course.

Are there different access permissions for editing and monitoring the course?

Yes, you can create as many users as you need, with no limits. Administrators, coordinators and teachers will have different levels of access. In addition, you can also set limits and dates of access to the course and its different parts.

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