The e-learning Platform for Associations and professional bodies

Become a benchmark in online training with an intelligent tool created for teaching and learning for all professionals in the sector.


Enrich your members

Offer an e-learning platform for Associations and professional bodies at the level of the collective. If it is easy to use and equipped with a wide range of tools, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Offer and receive recognition

Not only with diplomas or certificates of successful completion of the course, but by achieving a pleasant training experience that will be linked to your Associations and professional bodies.

Make your organisation profitable

Create your courses according to your learner portfolio and manage the entire training process with autonomy, streamlining tasks, and saving time and money with this tool.

Build confidence

Identify progress, evaluate achievements and transfer the results to your partners and third parties. Do it all with your LMS platform for Associations and professional bodies.

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The online training everyone wants

Invite your members and colleagues to enjoy quality learning in a user-friendly, easy-to-use environment.

Lead the way in online training with an e-learning platform that includes useful tools and functionalities for your professional bodies and associations.

evolCampus may be just what you are looking for.

"If I had to describe the platform, I would say that it is multifunctional, attractive for the user, user-friendly for the administrator and learners as well as quick to implement. As for the staff, they are very quick to solve any problem you may have and they take into account suggestions for improvement. Most of all... they make it happen! So you feel listened to".
Carla Delgado
Vice-Secretary of the Illustrious College of Geologists (ICOG)

The e-learning platform that empathises with you and your learners

Save your time

Manage the training process comprehensively and take advantage of the platform's data by exporting it to your usual work applications.

Sell easily

With direct sales and enrolment on the platform from your own website. It's convenient for you and your learners to benefit from this effortless automation.

Simplify processes

With an LMS platform for your associations and professional bodies that allows you to streamline all tasks and thus save time, money and resources.

Find peace of mind

As a member or partner, you need to guarantee your learners a secure, fast and up-to-date environment where they can learn without interference in the service.

Build your brand and go beyond

Add value to your image by customising the tool with your URL, logo, etc. Your learners will project the positive experience they have received in their sector.

Be cautious

Although the platform is delivered ready to use and is very easy to use, the evolCampus team will attend to your queries at all times.

One LMS platform for all Associations and Professional bodies

LMS platform for Professional Associations with particular purposes

Your members have no time to waste and neither do you. With evolCampus you can centralise the whole process, automate functions and control the results with little effort. A basic element in the training of your association.

E-learning platform for general-purpose Professional Associations

Guarantee the quality of the online training service offered by your association with a useful and complete platform. Thanks to evolCampus you will meet the standards expected by your members and third parties.

E-learning platform for professional associations

One of the duties of a professional association is to expand and update the capabilities of its members.

evolCampus guarantees the online training of professional associations combining ease of use with other interesting functionalities for any professional profile.

Train your members with an LMS platform for professional associations of:

- Notaries, Property Registrars, Commercial Registrars
- Architects, Lawyers, solicitors, social graduates
- Doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropodists, opticians
- Pharmacists, chemists, physicists or biologists...


Professional bodies and Associations ask...

Do I have to train my members or associated companies to use the platform beforehand?

No. Most of them will be able to use evolCampus without any prior knowledge of the platform or e-learning. It is so intuitive that they will be able to use the platform instantly. All they need is a computer and an internet connection - it's that easy!

Can I separate the individual groups of learners by company?

The LMS platform for professional associations and colleges is a very appropriate tool, as you can use the "Companies" profile to differentiate each group of learners according to the entity they come from. You can easily visualise and differentiate each of the training projects.

Can I automatically follow up the learners?

At evolCampus we want you to dedicate your time to the valuable tasks of your association and professional bodies. That is why we offer an e-learning platform for professional associations that helps you with the monitoring of your learners by means of a system of alerts to control the progress of each one of them. In this way, you will be able to control the real situation of the course, detect motivation problems or any other element that might be blocking the progress.

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