Add value with an e-learning platform for NGOs or Foundations

An easy, efficient and transparent tool that responds to the training needs of NGOs, foundations and their communities.

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Empower people

Encourage the learning and empowerment of all your learners, regardless of their level of education, language and digital skills.

Let others help you

Don't worry about the technological side with a platform that has everything, is ready to use from anywhere and requires no installation.

Go for quality

Offer all types of content in a user-friendly format and evaluate the progress of your courses and your achievements with your LMS platform for NGOs and foundations.

Don't take risks

Opt for a platform that is scalable to the number of learners you need and where you only pay for the ones that are active. No initial cost or permanence.

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LMS platform focused on the Third Sector and progress

Non-profit organisations that deliver online training need to have a productive virtual tool that lowers the risk and adds quality to the training experience.

evolCampus is the e-learning platform that best supports learning. It is easy to use for everyone, even if they are not familiar with the technical jargon or the online world.

"Many NGOs and Foundations are turning to e-learning to improve the quality and effectiveness of their activities: fundraising, project formulation, strategic and human resources management. E-learning is a solution that, in addition to reducing costs, is characterised by its flexibility".

A platform of e-learning expertise for people experts

Focus on what's important

Automate tasks and save time, money and resources to dedicate them to what is really valuable: offering agile and quality training to all those who need it.

Encourage participation

Through user-friendly tools that generate interactivity and encourage communication. They will achieve significant benefits and enjoy the journey.

Enhance your reputation

As the experience with the platform is positive, learners will associate it with your NGO or foundation. Create a strong and transparent image without investing time in it.

Be transparent

Get reports and get in-depth monitoring of course results, collective performance and share them with whomever you want.

Give and receive help

Have a team to accompany you at all times and tools to guide or support learners and teachers at every stage.

Earn gratitude

Offer diplomas that reinforce professional recognition. Your NGO or foundation will accompany those who participate in your courses in their working life.

One e-learning platform for all NGOs and Foundations

Virtual classroom platform for NGOs

LMS platform for charity, service, participatory or advocacy oriented NGOs

Train your volunteers, companies and other groups with an NGO platform adapted to them.

No matter their technological or cultural skills, evolCampus is easy to use, regardless of their knowledge.

E-learning platform for community-based, citizens', national and international NGOs

Go for an e-learning platform for NGOs with pro-inclusion attributes.

No matter the language or geographic location, evolCampus is designed to deliver the best training in any circumstance.

Virtual Classroom Platform for Foundations

e-learning Platform for Charitable Foundations

Help people grow with a tool designed for non-profit organisations and their economic resources.

With evolCampus you have an extraordinary LMS platform for foundations at a competitive price.

LMS Platform for Labour Foundations

You need an NGO platform that you can trust. evolCampus is secure and beneficial for any organisation. With it, you can extract reports, evaluate progress and be accountable for results.

E-learning for Cultural Foundations

Convey a transparent image by delivering your courses with a foundation-responsible platform.

People will associate your organisation with satisfaction and other important values.


NGOs and Foundations ask...

Do I have to train my organisation's learners beforehand so that they can use the platform?

No. Most of them can use evolCampus without any previous knowledge. The e-learning platform for NGOs and foundations is so intuitive that they will be able to use the platform instantly. All they need is a computer and an internet connection - it's that easy!

How do I sign up and is there any kind of permanence?

We are proud of the fact that our tool is the easiest to use. This is also the case for the signing up process. It is very simple.

There is no initial cost, nor any commitment of permanence, so you can use the platform for as long as you need it and unsubscribe the following month.

Moreover, in order to adapt to the reality of your NGO or foundation, our price is flexible and you will only pay for the number of active learners you have each month. Calculate the cost and sign up if you wish.

Are there any tools to encourage the motivation and participation of learners?

Yes. We understand that motivation is very important in any online training.

evolCampus offers direct communication tools such as chat or messaging and others such as discussion forums or noticeboards, where you will be able to keep your learners motivated and propose activities in which to share ideas and knowledge in a more attractive way.

The contents depend on you and you can make them as dynamic as you want by mixing different elements such as presentations, videos, quizzes, etc.

Can I monitor and analyse the final result of the training with my e-learning platform for NGOs and Foundations?

evolCampus has a system of alarms and configurations that allow you to monitor the progress of the learners to know if they meet the deadlines or if improvements have to be made in the training to finish it successfully. You can also export reports to analyse if the expected results are being achieved in your foundation or NGO.

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