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EvolMind puts super-complete technological solutions at the service of training so that EVERYONE can manage them with autonomy and go very far.

Designed to deliver and manage your online training


Designed so that you can use them from day one, without e-learning experience or manuals. No installation or configuration needed.


Take your online training to the next level with productive and scalable elearning tools, whatever the size of your project or the number of learners you need.


Find your data and content always available in the cloud anytime, anywhere.
Work in EvolMind's stable and trusted environment.

and with support

EvolMind's support team will assist you from the beginning to the end so that you can solve any doubt you may have, without tickets or delays.

E-learning tools with everything... for everyone

Your learners, customers, employees, suppliers...

Our experience in the e-learning world has led us to develop powerful and attractive solutions. This means that every participant can complete their online training with pleasure and success.

EvolMind’s elearning tools combine agility, simplicity and, of course, ease of use so that any user can manage them without any knowledge of e-learning.

Do you know our e-learning platform?


evolCampus is an extremely easy-to-use and versatile e-learning management system to create, deliver, evaluate and analyse your e-learning courses with little effort.

Power for 10 or 100,000 students | Functional and intuitive interface with all services needed for any training project | Price for active enrolments, with no initial cost or permanence.

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“EvolMind is our partner daily!
They are fast, effective and understandable with everything you ask. Its e-learning platform is 100% recommended. It is effortless, and it hides a great potential. In our case, it fits our needs to the maximum, and that makes it comfortable to work with it. Thank you!”
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