En estos momentos nuestro proveedor donde tenemos alojados los servidores está experimentando problemas de conectividad que pueden interrumpir intermitentemente el servicio de algunos clientes. Estamos trabajando junto con el proveedor para solucionarlo lo antes posible.

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Everything you need to know about SCORM

WHAT IS SCORM What does the SCORM standard mean for e-learning? Sooner or later, everyone who enters the world of virtual education is confronted with these words: “the SCORM standard”.

E-learning, a question of didactics

Techniques and strategies involved in e-learning Effective teaching always requires a strong bond with the student. It is important to make the student understand that this is possible, as well

What exactly is a webinar?

How to promote your webinar effectively? Without a doubt, there are many tools available to help an e-Learning course achieve meaningful learning for your students. As a teacher you will