What is the best process for evaluating e-learning?

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Assessment of learning in a LMS 

One of the main dilemmas in e-learning is the possibility of assessing learning. Face-to-face has always been considered the best option. But what about online courses? Faced with this question, different options have been presented with which this evaluation can be achieved while maintaining the essence of e-learning. In this post we will explain what they are. Read on! 

Types of e-learning course evaluations 

Evaluation and self-evaluation are an essential part of any kind of training. It is important to monitor students and to be able to know if they are really acquiring knowledge. In face-to-face courses this evaluation is easier to carry out because they can have exams and, in addition, the teacher themselves can check the learning by means of a series of activities. 

In the case of e-learning courses, the situation changes. There is no longer direct contact with the teacher, but the assessment is still just as important, if not more so. Behind the screen, you cannot check whether the student is really making an effort or not. In order to be clearer about the situation of each student, different types of evaluations can be carried out. 

Self-assessment. This activity consists of students doing online activities on the case studies they are studying. While they are doing them, they will observe their own mistakes, which will also help them to improve. And what use is this to the teacher? Actually, a lot. The teacher will be able to access each student’s data and observe their progress. The teacher will be able to see what their mistakes are and how many times they have been doing it. In many cases this data is not usually included as part of the final marks. It is particularly useful to see how students are following up on what they have learnt. 

Points for the final grade. Although many people are against this method, it is one of the most widely used and the one that provides the best feedback. Exams or tests allow you to find out, more or less reliably, how much knowledge each student has. They can be carried out in different ways, and the evaluation can be worth more or less in the final grades. 

In online courses, tests and exams are the most common form of assessment. They are a quick way to assess, regardless of whether long or short questions are included. These options are usually the ones used for follow-up. In addition, as with other interactive activities, the students themselves will be able to check their results. 

Assessable assignments. This is undoubtedly one of the best options. You will be able to perfectly observe what the students have learnt and demonstrate not only the theoretical knowledge they have acquired, but also the practical skills they can use. 

Choose the option you think is the most convenient to evaluate your students in your e-learning courses. Remember that you don’t only have to think about your own benefits, but also those of your students. Make it easy for them and they will show you what they know.

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