Advantages of using an LMS platform in your company training

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Have you considered investing in an LMS tool? As a company you cannot underestimate the importance of training your staff. It is essential that your staff is up to date with innovations in the sector, as it is also an advantage for the company.

Training is vital to motivate the team and maintain a good working environment. It is also essential for the smooth running of any company and becomes a reciprocal benefit.

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to provide continuous training to your staff, rather than having to hire new staff with every new development.

As we have already discussed in previous posts, online educational platforms (LMS) or Learning Management Systems are very powerful tools for major companies and training organisations to offer their staff online courses, whether in IT, languages, marketing, sales, etc. This keeps their staff up to date and trained in the latest market needs.

But should my company invest in an LMS system? We will introduce to you the advantages of acquiring a Learning Management System for the training of your staff.

Why you should consider an LMS e-learning platform for your company

  1. Centralised learning:
    Thanks to an LMS tool, training, content and everything that surrounds learning is provided centrally on a single channel. As a result, multiple users can access the information at any time, from anywhere and on any device since they are usually responsive.
  2. It reduces costs:
    A face-to-face training modality involves higher costs than an online one. You have to consider the many factors involved: speaker, accommodation, per diems, expenses for printing material, audiovisuals… LMS platforms do not only offer you all these resources, but they also reduce costs as they do not require materials or physical people.
    Opting for an LMS platform is a better option if you have staff all over the world or if they have different shifts, time zones or even languages.
  3. Training generates interest:
    These new routines will be very positive for your staff. They will keep up to date with the latest developments in their sector, break out of stagnation and improve their performance.
    A worker who performs the same tasks day after day can become bored and demotivated, but if you offer them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, you will notice that their attitude will change and their performance will be more efficient.
  4. You get real-time feedback on progress:
    Thanks to the statistics provided by the LMS tool, you will be able to see in what state their progress is. As a result, you can see who has completed it, who is halfway through and who is a little behind. Therefore, measures can be taken to boost the progress of the training.
    By having an LMS platform, you can manage learning strategies and detect if adjustments need to be made to the course content.
  5. Autonomy and customised learning:
    There is nothing people in a company appreciate more than having autonomy over the management of their time. The LMS platform allows them to log in from anywhere at any time and the use of their own devices gives them a sense of comfort.
  6. The LMS platform makes training more entertaining and interactive:
    Most LMS platforms set up communication tools such as chats and forums where queries can be raised. Additionally, progress can be shared on social networks, incorporating links to Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin pages, where for example the worker can post their diploma upon completion of the course.
  7. Ease of use:
    Normally, neither you nor your team need technical training or prior knowledge to install the LMS platform, as some, such as evolCampus are hosted in the cloud and you will be able to access it as soon as you sign up with a username and password. In addition, they usually have a support system that solves any doubts or problems that may arise. 

The LMS platform as a motivational tool in your company

As we said before, an employee who receives training feels valued by their company. Consequently, they will be more satisfied and will enjoy their daily performance.

Moreover, when you show concern for your staff and provide them with training, you are not only building a more competent team, but you also contribute to creating a strong company image.

In the same way, LMS platforms help to reduce absenteeism rates, an improvement that has an impact on increasing your organisation’s labour productivity.

If you have decided to join the e-learning world, we would like to inform you that implementing an online training plan is a simple task. Would you like to try evolCampus? Discover the features of one of the easiest and most complete commercial e-learning platforms, with an excellent support team that solves any doubt or problem that may arise for our customers.

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