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What exactly is a webinar?

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How to promote your webinar effectively?

Without a doubt, there are many tools available to help an e-Learning course achieve meaningful learning for your students. As a teacher you will know the importance of a successful webinar, as it is considered one of the most widely used training resources. If you are not sure how to increase its reach, in this post we will give you all the keys to promote the webinar format, follow our steps, pay attention and become an expert in teaching!

What exactly is a webinar?

The term webinar comes from the combination of the words “Web” and “Seminar”, and, of course, it refers to a type of conference or workshop conducted online. Like any other face-to-face event, it is characterised by the interactivity that takes place between the participants and the speaker. While the speaker explains the subject matter while the participants listen, comment and ask questions.

Obviously, webinars are held in real time, on a specific date and at a specific time. However, participants can join from any computer that can connect to the Internet and that has downloaded the specific software.

How to effectively promote a webinar?

  • Create a hashtag. There is no doubt, it is one of the most used resources when it comes to promotion. Make a short, simple one that has a catchy theme for each webinar or a common one for all of them.
  • Guest post. Browse through different blogs and, among the most relevant ones, publish the link to your webinar. Obviously, we would recommend you choose pages that will allow you to attract potential clients later on.
  • Newsletters. If you have a list of subscribers, we would recommend sending them a link to your webinar. Spam above all!
  • The importance of social media. If there are any platforms today that attract a considerable number of people, it is social networks. Therefore, you have to take advantage of their reach by publishing your links on each of them. Be dynamic and don’t always share your products in the same way. An example of this is to change the headers.
  • LinkedIn groups. OK, it is also a social network, but it deserves to stand out from the others because its groups are very active and can help you to generate quality traffic.
  • Through your email signature: Have you ever stopped to think about all the emails you send every day? When writing an email, it is very common to include contact and interest data about the sender. Therefore, we would recommend including a link to your webinar or a call to action.
  • Mentions in your blog. Create posts promoting the advantages of your products. Here you will have total freedom to express yourself, but don’t forget to create expectations and interest.
  • Advertising. Now that you already have all the free alternatives, we will add a paid option in which, by investing a small amount of money, you will be able to reach more people through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

You already know how to get your webinar to reach the maximum number of people, now it’s time to get down to work. Follow our recommendations and you will see how your audience will become bigger and bigger and the success of your courses is guaranteed!

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