Nurture and activate your PLE to be an e-Learning professional

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Tips on how to become an e-Learning professional

As with any job, some of the most important aspects of being a professional are having a passion for the job, believing in yourself and wanting to make a living out of it. However, the e-Learning world is a bit more complicated, as it involves a range of skills from teaching to the digital world. If you want to know how to become an online course professional, this is the perfect post for you – keep an eye on it and pay attention! 

Nurture and activate your PLE to be an e-learning professional

As you should know, PLE refers to the concept of Personal Learning Environment, which has had to be redefined to integrate the multiple possibilities of the Internet and digital tools. In short, we could define it as the set of information sources, resources, connections or tasks that each user usually uses to learn.

Therefore, what we are mainly asking for is professional re-training. In this way, you will ensure your survival by using different tools that constitute meaningful learning. E-learning is an expanding universe, and you must grow with it.

Make your presence felt by participating in events and giving your opinion

If you haven’t the importance of Networking by now, you are very obsolete. Customers do not find you miraculously, they have to be sought out. Therefore, this kind of events are an ideal opportunity to get contacts and networking.

One way to achieve this goal is by working on social networks, where many interesting events close to you are being organised. Once you’ve decided on a good batch, it’s time to make your contacts. We would recommend you do not leave anything to chance and research the profile of the users who are going to attend.

E-learning success through prototyping

It is true that in the past we have called them demos, but now we live in the age of prototypes. Not that we underestimate your communication skills, but it is always much more effective to show a product than to talk about it. Especially when it comes to e-learning, where it is very difficult to offer some services.

Take away the distrust of showing your projects to the public and your competitors, because it doesn’t really reveal all the work that you have put into it. It’s not about revealing your tactics, it’s about having a business card – display it in an email or online space where your presence is not required!

Create a blog and strengthen your brand

Not having a blog is like being a digital bum. We have said it on more than one occasion, search engines love this type of portals, as their use of keywords and other tags considerably improves your web presence.

Thanks to this resource you will get more visibility while sharing your knowledge and personal opinions, among other advantages. Without a doubt, it is an essential tactic for any professional in the e-learning world.

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