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To claim that evolCampus is an easy to use LMS platform and one of the most practical we have arguments to convince you.

If you work regularly with an elearning platform, If you work regularly with an elearning platform, or have had the experience of testing several LMSs, you will have seen that there are features common to practically all of them, but each one has its own orientation depending on which audience it is aimed at.
There are more general online training platforms, or LMSs oriented to a sector, public or specific functionalities, prioritizing one type of features over others. 
But the characteristics of an e-learning platform are not defined by the tools it contains; so important (or more!) is the philosophy behind it, its orientation and its service, that it may be essential for it to fit your model.

List of features of the evolCampus e-learning platform

1. A really easy to use e-learning platform

evolCampus is a solution, not another problem.  
It is (by far…) the feature that our customers like the most. And more than one, with extensive experience in handling many different LMSs, has told us that it is the easiest to use that they have ever known. 
Surely the great handicap of elearning platforms is not thinking about the user. And in this world the user is usually neither an elearning expert or a computer expert. 

2.Clear LMS platform 

Making things simple
Ease of use can translate into good design, but it is also important that the concepts are clear; that the application itself explains what you are doing, what options you have, even that it warns you when the action you are performing may have consequences that you should be aware of. 
Because e-learning is not simple, but it can be made simple

3. An e-learning platform made by specialists

We have been developing on-line training platforms for 13 years
We are computer scientists; we do not make content, and we do not give courses, or other things that you do better than we do.
Ours are elearning platforms, and evolCampus is the result of this experience. 

4. The tools you need

The virtue of balance
It’s tempting to think that a custom platform will meet your needs better than any other model, but the reality is most of the time before you start a project…you won’t even know for sure what you need.  
The evolCampus tools are developed according to the common needs of hundreds of customers. And so… it’s hard to go wrong. 

5. Real support of my e-learning platform

When you have a problem, you need an answer. 
evolCampus is not only a software platform, it is also the service that goes with it. 
Because you don’t want a ticket opened, you don’t want a ‘we’ll get back to you’. You want them to take your phone and answer your emails. Even if there’s no problem, even if it’s just a question. 

6. Do you want a stable e-learning platform?

Because you like to live quietly
The structure of evolCampus is designed to be bombproof. Every day, 30-40,000 students from 12 different countries enter. 
That the platform you work with is stable as a rock, that it goes fast and smoothly, that there are no problems… is priceless.

7. LMS and transparency

You don’t want to make a mistake

Choosing an e-learning platform is not easy, there are many things to consider and there are many models
That’s why we have created a demo so you can try evolCampus thoroughly before hiring and know exactly what it is, that’s why the rates are public and you can see them on our website, and that’s why the hiring is monthly without obligation. 

8. The price of evolCampus scales with you

All budgets are tight
Pay only for the students you have.
No setup fee, no per-course fee, no per-administrator/teacher fee. All inclusive. And within reach of any pocket

9. Experience in new projects

You want to do elearning but it’s never a good time
More than 70% of our customers have started learning with us.
We know perfectly your needs, we know the doubts and problems you face.

10. E-learning platform adapted to the standard

Don’t mess around.
If you teach subsidized Fundae-Tripartita (Spain) or Sence (Chile) courses, you can also use evolCampus. It is perfectly adapted to your requirements

11. You’re forgetting the technical part

Because it’s not your war…
We will give you all the technical information you want about evolCampus. But the good thing for you is that it will be simply out of curiosity, in fact our customers are usually not interested at all., 
You will simply check that the platform works well, and that you don’t have to worry about hosting, installations, backups…we take care of that.

12. EvolutionCampus updates included

If you don’t get better, you get worse
evolCampus is constantly updating both its functionality and usability, transparently and free of charge for customers. 
In fact it is the customers themselves who help us most to improve evolCampus. 

13. An LMS platform designed to increase productivity

Time is precious…
evolCampus has specific tools to optimize your time: massive registrations, automatic archiving, massive actions with students…
We study how our clients work not only so that the tools are adapted to their needs, but also so that the repetitive actions are as fast and fluid as possible. 

Do you want to try evolCampus? Discover the features of one of the most simple and complete commercial e-learning platform.

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