Geoinnova, a success story

“We have differentiated us from our competitors which gave us the opportunity to go on offering our training services with confidence knowing we are totally covered from a technical point of view”


Geoinnova allows its associates to develop their professional activity in a collaborative framework. In this way, resources are shared and the network space is improved to generate new business opportunities.

In addition to their consulting services, they have been working for 10 years in the professional training area on issues related to their work disciplines. Thus, they offer a wide catalog of courses that allow them to expand knowledge in the Geographic Information Systems; and they have a coworking space for professionals in the environmental and geospatial sector where they can start a business, with access to advisory services.

“evolCampus LMS meets FUNDAE (bonus training) requirements”

The main problem they had was the justification of the technical requirements demanded from FUNDAE (bonus training), the State Foundation for Employment Training, for the development of training actions in the teleformation modality.

Because evolCampus is designed to meet the requirements of FUNDAE (bonus training), they were able to start working with them from the beginning. After their experience, they highlighted the benefits of the platform and have managed to differentiate themselves from their competition.

The evolCampus e-learning platform has allowed them to continue offering training services with the peace of mind of legally meeting the requirements of FUNDAE (bonus training). In addition, they value having had a management and development team willing to meet new demands and adapt the technology to the particularities of their training offer, something that in other environments and equipment would not have been economically feasible.

GEO INNOVA highlights from evolCampus e-learning platform its modern and elegant appearance. Moreover, it has provided them with very versatile data consultation tools. Their students say they are delighted and they confirm the platform is much more visual than others they have previously used.

“Students positively appreciate evolCampus as an e-learning platform”

From evolCampus, we appreciate GEO INNOVA’s trust on our LMS platform, and we stand by their side to help them reach their goals. Their first challenge is to increase the number of students and companies that trust them. The second is to continue offering quality training courses about geospatial and environment areas.

In their opinion: “The first thing that companies require is a technical warranty of the platform, as they have had bad experiences in the past. We are sure evolCampus will go on supporting us to answer with total confidence as they do every day.””

Geoinnova and evolCampus LMS

Since 2009 Asociación Geoinnova, a non-profit organisation created by geographers, is developing its consulting, training and environmental education activities with other professionals from the territory, the environment and the geospatial field.

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