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Reasons to discard the e-Learning option from your list

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Factors that will determine whether you should go for e-Learning or not

More and more people are embarking on e-learning as a profession and, as in any other job, it requires certain skills. Have you ever thought about developing your profession in the e-learning world? No doubt you will never forget this post and find out if this educational modality is for you or not!

Reasons to discard the e-Learning option from your list

  • Pressure paralyses you. Just like any teacher in a conventional educational setting, the online tutor has to take on a series of responsibilities. There will be many times when a project has to be completed, there are some unforeseen events that completely disrupt your schedule… This is normal, as online training involves the organisation of different communication channels (mail, phone calls, computer…), which is why your work can be interrupted.

    These events often occur at specific times of the year, when several objectives coincide. Therefore, one of your main skills must be to know how to act in this case, with greater or lesser success. The first thing to do is to prioritise and calm down, then it is time to consider the situation prospectively and restructure your planning. Therefore, in e-Learning you have to be a decisive and organised person.
  • You think that “multitasking” is an urban legend. Multitasking refers to the ability to perform several tasks at the same time, as each task is usually interrupted continuously. Is this the right thing to do? That is another matter. However, it is true that an online teacher will have many tabs open on his or her screen and, although it may seem hard at first, he or she will be surprised by their flexibility and performance in the end.
  • You reject anything related to audiovisual communication. If you have doubts about this, it is essential that you rethink this profession. Videoconferencing, for example, is a highly used resource in e-Learning, not only for its educational use, but also for the advantages it provides for work teams. In fact, more and more courses are incorporating this option, both for the resolution of doubts by students and for the broadcasting of meetings with professionals in the field as well as for other purposes.

    On the other hand, a video is an indispensable tool when it comes to this approach. Of course, it is a magnificent tool for reaching students more easily and achieving significant learning. If you are not able to face your fears and get in front of the camera, online may not be for you.
  • You think 24/7 doesn’t exist. This is one of the most controversial cases of e-learning, because you should know that e-learning has a reputation for always running and it’s absolutely true. One of the advantages of online training is its ability to access the platform, regardless of the user’s location and the time of day. Although it should always be noted that on public holidays and weekends no queries will be answered, you should also note that there are time limits for the resolution of doubts or the review of assignments.

    In this section, the work dynamics of each person comes into play, but… do you think it is better to spend the whole weekend without accessing the platform and then on Monday you will discover thousands of queries coming in from different areas? Although it is true that in this section the teacher has the last word, it is advisable not to exceed 48 hours after the student has sent the message in responding. Undoubtedly, it is a decision you must make based on your needs and priorities.

Reasons to develop your career in e-Learning

Now that you’ve come this far, our final recommendation is to disregard everything you’ve read, get trained in e-Learning, try it out and grab your opportunity. Why wouldn’t it be right for you if you’re really passionate about new technologies or new learning modalities? If you really want to enter in this world, you will achieve what you set out to do. As you will notice, e-learning is wonderful for many reasons:

  • Every day is a new challenge, a new test that will make you grow as a professional.
  • You will come into contact with professionals with whom you will be able to share your development and evolve.
  • You will also learn, because e-Learning implies the necessary updating of content. What could be seen as an obligation becomes an opportunity.
  • You will develop your creativity, since this approach will enable you to exploit your interests and work on this facet.

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