evolCampus simplifies online training

evolCampus, always available and hassle-free

Don´t worry about technical issues. evolCampus is designed to be used without previous experience.

Cloud based. Always available anytime, anywhere.
Scalable. You can have tens or hundreds of thousands of learners without any problem.
Do it yourself. You will not depend on us to provide your training.
Technical support. If there is any question or incident you will quickly find us giving you the answer and solution.

Customizable. Adapt it to your corporate image

Adapt the platform and campus by reinforcing your brand image.

Logos. Include your company or brand logo. It will appear in the management part, so learners can see it, and also in the emails and reports that evolCampus generates.
Corporate colors. Choose the colors that identify you to give continuity to your brand design.
Your domain. Use your own domain (url) to access the campus. For example: https://classroom.companydomain.com
Your e-mail. Use your own email account to send notices and notifications that evolCampus generates automatically.
Integrated into your website. Include the user and learner access to the platform on your own website.

Fully Integrable. Link it to your website and e-commerce

Our API will allow you to interact with your platform from any other software that you are using in your company: HR programs, ecommerce, invoicing ...
Woocommerce (Wordpress) Plugin. Integrate evolCampus directly with the plugin that we have developed. Thus, each time a purchase is made on your website, the learner will be automatically enrolled.

Create your course in minutes using all kinds of contents

We don´t exaggerate! Forget about complicated settings and processes to get your course ready.

Show diverse contents. Video, audio, text, webinars, activities, tests, forum debates, self-evaluating exercises ...
Upload all kinds of files. DOC, TXT, PDFs, HTML, MP3, MP4, AVI, PNG, JPG, ZIP.
Web editor. Create content manually through the web editor. It is so intuitive and simple that you can use it from the first moment.
SCORM compliant. It is compatible with this standard that will allow you to upload courses previously created by your provider or content creation software.
Duplicate and reuse courses. You can reuse a course and its contents without any limit, creating different groups of learners in which you can change the deadlines, teachers, settings, etc.

Manage and set your course with different roles and permissions

Configure the course to your liking with multiple options that evolCampus offers.

Create and manage different roles. You can create as many users as you need, without limits. Administrators, coordinators or teachers with different levels of access.
Synchronous or continuous training. You can create groups in which learners study at the same time on certain dates (synchronous), and others where each learner enrolls at a different time and have their own scheduled (continuous training).
Contents access control. Set specific dates and deadlines to access the course and each of the parts that comprise it.
Automatic archiving. You can schedule when to automatically archive the learners of each group. Start the course with everything set and forget about subsequent processes.
Business. It allows you to associate learners with different companies and give the person in charge access to control the information of these learners. In addition, you can customize the logo and corporate colors.

Choose how to register your learners

Enroll your learners in a simple, manual, massive or automatic way.

Single enrollment. Enroll manually and one by one the learners you want.
Massive enrollment. Enroll all your learners at the same time with a simple Excel file.
Self-enrollment. Using our API you can integrate the enrollment process with your current programs so that enrollment process is automatic for learners.

Communication tools for all users

In evolCampus you have all tools to share information and communicate with teachers, learners, coordinators, administrators.

Chat. Learners can communicate with each other and with teachers. Times and messages will be registered, which is a requirement for some bonus programmes.
Messenger service. Send notices and private messages between users of the platform, without having to resort to external tools such as email.
Forum. It stimulates and encourages learners participation through activities in the forum.
Bulletin board. Share milestones and relevant course information with one or more groups of learners. You can choose the specific dates for the ad to be visible.
Videoconference. Integrate your usual videoconference system (Gotomeeting, Zoom, Clickmeeting and Bigmarker) with evolCampus so you can unify the registered time and learner participation.
In addition, you can record video conferences to use them later in your courses as video content.

Reports and monitoring

Information is necessary to understand how your course progresses. Obtain it by monitoring learners or communicating with them.

Registered information. evolCampus register data from the administration part and the learner´s campus and displays the information through graphs, indicators and KPIs so that you can understand the evolution of the course and make the right decisions.
Reports. Get group summaries, surveys, academic records, connections, schedules and many more activity reports carried out on the platform. Furthermore, they are exportable in Excel and PDF formats.
Follow-up alerts. Detect in advance when a learner is not complying with the normal course development and send them a message. You can also notify a group of learners in bulk.
Communicate with your learners. The platform includes tools such as chat, forum, messenger, bulletin board and videoconferencing integration.


Evaluate your learners propperly by choosing the passing criteria and the exercises that best suit your course.

Evaluate. Choose from multiple assessment activities and establish the passing criteria: by grade, connection time or percentage exceeded.
Self-assessment tests. Create multi-choice tests in a simple and massive way. Set them with different options.
Development exercises. It presents exercises that learners will have to develop and send to the teacher for correction.
Weight of exercises. Assign a different value to each activity, so that some exercises are more relevant than others.

Certificates and surveys

Once the course is finished, offer certificates to your learners and, to improve in future editions, launch a satisfaction survey.

Certificates. Customize them with your own design and with their unique identifier to guarantee their validity. Choose the requirements that the learner must meet to obtain it and allow him, if you wish, to download it in PDF.
Satisfaction surveys. Create mandatory or optional surveys that your learners must complete at the end of the course. Analyze their level of satisfaction, the strengths and weaknesses of each course with detailed reports.

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