Farmatianos, a success story

“The main advantage is to have a professional team who give us support from the beginning monitoring our evolution and answering every task with agility and efficiency”

Farmatianos is made up of pharmacy specialists. These professionals do consulting, training and customized development for the pharmaceutical sector. They needed an e-learning platform for the optimal development of their goals.

Its main goal is the total transformation of the pharmacies, supporting professionals to obtain the maximum performance in each area that surrounds them in their day to day: sales, warehouse, administration and purchases.

To achieve this, they work directly with pharmacy management software distributors. Farmatianos is presented as a white label, which assumes the distributor’s identity and presents FarmaCursosTic e-learning professional for pharmacies.

“How does the evolCampus LMS platform help Farmatianos development?”

Their search of a tool that provided them with essential multi-company management also demanded simplicity for the online training platform.

For these reasons, they started working with evolCampus as their e-learning platform. After their experience, Farmatianos confirmed that evolCampus is an e-learning platform with a friendly and simple environment. They also appreciate having a team of professionals who have given them support from the beginning, monitoring their evolution and answering with great agility and efficiency every question they had.

The evolCampus e-learning platform has allowed Farmatianos to focus on training activities, easing on the technical and usability part. “In adittion, this online platform had a great reception from both our clients (who can follow up their students) and pharmacies who are the final audience”.

Farmatianos trusts evolCampus as its e-learning platform for the future

From evolCampus, we appreciate Farmatianos for their confidence on our LMS platform and we stand by their side to help them reach their goals. The first challenge is to consolidate what has been achieved so far, providing, for example, more content to the platform (courses). The next one is to increase the number of clients (companies) and final students (pharmacies), always watching them closely to keep a high level of satisfaction for both.

In their opinion: “evolCampus includes continuous improvements and new features to the platform. This constant evolution brings an exciting plus to our customers, as we put them in practice with their projects so they see how dynamic we are which so they are satisfied with our service and we all get a better success”.

Farmatianos and evolCampus LMS

Farmatianos is made up of pharmacy specialists who do consultation, training and customised development for the pharmaceutical sector. They needed an e-learning platform for the optimal development of their goals.

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