Cero6, a success story

“Affordable and easy to use either for those who like us but had never managed online training and for future students.”


Cero6 is to train and advice education professionals, management teams, families and future teaching professionals.

Cero6 opinion about evolCampus

“I found it affordable, easy to use, both for those of us who had never managed online training and for future students”. It is the comment that the company makes about its experience with evolCampus. In their continuous relationship with our team of advisors, they highlight the clarity of attention and the ability to respond to doubts related to the bonus of courses at Fundae (bonus training).

The support team is fast and always willing to help. That is another reason why this company from the educational sector widely appreciates the evolCampus LMS platform. It is a tool that has allowed them to open a new market that was not accessible to them, and where they will try offering more attractive and dynamic courses thanks to all the possibilities that evolCampus presents.

Cero6 and evolCampus e-learning platform

Cero6 was born 10 years ago to respond to the real needs of consulting and training for the daily practice, organisation and nursery schools management.

Because of the need to do online training, Cero6 turned to the evolCampus e-learning platform. Their experience working with it is so satisfying.

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