Addima, a success story

“We needed support, security, confidence and a quality product that met all our requirements” ​

“The management of our virtual platform was getting more complicated, partly because of moodle updates”

Addima recomienda evolcampus

It is intended for professionals, teams, individuals and also people who are approaching this practice. Addima offers different work areas, including professional training, therapeutic intervention, research, and investigation related to resilience.

“Change from Moodle to evolCampus to improve in security and peace of mind”

After several years of relying on Moodle, the e-learning platform change was caused by the complexity in the administration of the tool. ADDIMA’s commitment to self-management in almost all its tasks prompted them to control every Moodle process, both as users and administrators; however, the platform’s continuous updates and the increasingly demanding requirements of FUNDAE (bonus training), made them start looking into another platform.

In principle, to embrace change by using a tool that was working great and whose operation was optimal was not an easy decision. However, at certain moments, demotivation was so high due to the problems of operation of the platform and the “need for support, security and tranquility. Apart from the need of a quality product that meets all the requirements and permits to continue creating and innovating in the trainings”. All these things were key to switching to evolCampus.

“evolCampus as an e-learning platform to improve the quality of the courses”

One of the reasons why ADDIMA chose evolCampus after thorough research on the internet, and comparing several platforms, was the possibility to fully try the platform for free for some days to check the operation. Although at first, migrating to a payment platform could be annoying, it was offset by all the hours invested in learning and setting the previous tool. “The price far exceeded the price to be paid by evolCampus”.


ADDIMA now focuses its goals on expanding the training offer, on innovating its procedures and continuing to use evolCampus as a tool for working with teams.

Addima and evolCampus LMS

ADDIMA’s experience with evolCampus is an example that happens everyday, in which users of free LMS platforms face complex tool management operations without any help.


If you are in that situation, discover a new concept of online training platform.

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