E-learning integrations that will save time and complete your courses

Find e-learning integrations and other solutions to enroll and connect the platform with your business software. Because this is what being in the cloud is all about, to be able to do everything from anywhere you want.

Easy enrollment with or without integrations

evolCampus is a scalable e-learning platform that enables you to enroll an infinite number of learners individually, in bulk or at the click of a button through a proprietary API.

Valuable integrations to keep you connected to other things

evolCampus can connect (through its API) with your applications so that, from your online shop, you can automatically enroll your learners on the platform. It’s convenient for them and you benefit from this automation.


How does it work?


The plugin is installed in a few minutes on a WordPress* with WooCommerce (your online shop).


The learner purchases the course he/she is interested in from your website.


Integration enables information to flow between your e-commerce and the platform.


The system generates the learner's enrolment in the course.

(And while the magic happens, you will be attending to other matters).

*If you don't use WordPress, we will give you the API and you would simply need to take care of the integration.

¿Cómo funciona?


evolCampus provides you with the API (connector).


You will do the integration.


The integration enables the information to flow between your database and the platform.


The system generates the learner's enrolment in a course without the need to log in to evolCampus.

Useful integrations for your day-to-day work

Take advantage of your work tools and enroll your learners from your HR or any other programme on the platform.


Enrolments without e-learning integrations or excuses

Enroll your learners from evolCampus with any of the forms offered by the platform by default.


Through the virtual campus form



From a downloadable Excel file (up to 150 learners at a time)


How does it work?


You download the template in evolCampus.


Import the data from your HR programme.


Upload file to the platform.


The system generates automatic enrollment of learners in a course.

(Ready-made) lists for enrolment in your courses

You can create lists of courses to enroll learners in all of them instantly, or others where learners can enroll once they access the LMS platform.

Integrate our API in your life and make your work more efficient.

evolCampus enables e-learning integrations between your regular applications and the platform so you can access your virtual campus data without leaving your work ecosystem.

You can link the platform with any CRM or external software you have in your company: customer service, human resources, finance,...

Extract the information you want, centralise it with your tools, monitors the progress of the course and process your tasks with flexibility and without the need to duplicate data.

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With evolCampus you can do great things

...you just have to discover them