evolCampus Frequently asked questions

What is an e-learning platform or LMS?


An e-learning platform or LMS is a technical tool that allows providing training without the need for teachers and students to be in the same place at the same time. The e-learning platform can be used to provide online as well as blended training as support of the traditional face-to-face model.

The advantages of choosing the best e-learning platform to provide online or blended training are many due to the virtues of the online training model itself, which differentiate it from the face-to-face model.

That explains the ongoing use of e-learning and online training platforms for companies and training centres.

Among the characteristics of e-learning platforms, there are some basic actions that stand out:


For whom is evolCampus learn management system?


evolCampus is the perfect LMS if you want to provide 100% online, blended training or have a support tool for face-to-face training.

Based on many years of research and work with different clients, it is designed to be powerful and, at the same time, a user-friendly LMS or e-learning platform.

Although 65% of our clients had no previous experience in e-learning, they are able to manage their training without any difficulty thanks to evolCampus and our support team that is always available for any questions that may arise.


How many courses can I create in evolCampus e-learning platform?


In evolCampus, you can create an unlimited number of courses and unlimited profiles for administrators or teachers.

Our rates are only based on the number of students who have access to a course.

Being a SaaS cloud platform there are no technical limitations since it is scalable to meet our customers’ needs. Today, there are between 60,000 and 80,000 students that enter evolCampus every day.

What knowledge do I need to install evolCampus?


First of all, evolCampus is neither installed, nor do you have to download anything. Neither your computer nor the student’s has to meet any requirements. You do not have to hire or worry about servers, backups, maintenance, etc.

One of the awesome advantages of our e-learning platform is that from the moment you sign up, you can start using it immediately.

You only need a device (computer, tablet or mobile) with a web browser (internet explorer, chrome, firefox, etc.) and an internet connection.

With this, you can use it from the first moment, being independent to do everything you need without depending on us or someone with technical knowledge to manage it.

Without any doubt, ease of use is our leading quality, in which we thrive the most and invest more resources because the most challenging thing is to make the complicated simple.

We don’t even have an evolCampus user manual :)

The vast majority of customers use evolCampus without any previous or specific knowledge about e-learning or technology in general.

We also have an excellent support team that resolves any questions or issues that may arise to our customers.

Can I try the evolCampus e-learning platform before hiring it?

Por supuesto. Ni siquiera tienes que hablar con nosotros para pedirnoslo.

You can create your own environment from our website and test the platform, with zero obligations.

Not many e-learning platforms allow this so openly.

Our business model is based on long-term relationships, so we prefer that you test every aspect of the platform to ensure it meets your needs.

You will also have at your disposal our team of experts who can guide you and show the platform’s potential based on your needs.


How much does evolCampus cost?


We want e-learning to be accessible for all; we avoid barriers so everyone can use it. Pricing can be an important barrier depending on the phase you are in, and free open-source platforms can be costly.

We believe that the indicator that best reflects our clients’ volume and status is the number of students they have at any one given time.

The cost of evolCampus is based on a sole rate, in which the price will be calculated based on the students who have access to the courses at any given time.

You will neither have to pay for the number of courses you have, nor for the number of users or teachers, nor maintenance, nor the support service. Everything is included!

We believe in fair and transparent prices, so these are our principles:

Siguiendo nuestro principio de transparencia, nuestros precios son públicos, y puedes consultarlos en nuestra web:

You can start using our LMS platform for 80€/month with our Unique Plan, which allows you to have up to 50 active students simultaneously.

Do you have more than 50 students? Don’t worry, because you will only be charged for the exact number of students you have from this point. Also, our cloud-based LMS allows you the possibility to have an unlimited students.


How much space do I need on my computer to install evolcampus?


None! evolCampus is an e-learning or LMS platform in the cloud, secure, fast and stable.

There is no need for you or your students to install anything or have special requirements to be able to use evolCampus.

How much time is needed to have my courses ready?

Literally in minutes, only in a few minutes.

evolCampus has advanced content creation and loading tools, so that you can easily and quickly use the content you have prepared in Word, PDF, Video, Test, SCORM, etc.

Set up your course and groups is very fast. You can start enrolling your students from day one without any previous knowledge.

Additionally, in evolCampus you can use content from any company that provides e-learning content, or those that are dedicated to content creation. With just two clicks, you will have your entire course loaded in seconds.