evolCampus LMS

evolCampus is the e-learning platform that will guide you throughout your training process. Whatever your sector, you will be able to create and manage your courses easily and without technical knowledge. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to access the courses you have created in the cloud from any device.

evolCampus, always available and hassle-free

Don´t worry about technical issues. evolCampus is designed to be used without previous experience.

Customisable. Adapt it to your corporate image

Adapt the platform and campus by reinforcing your brand image.

Fully integrated

You can link it to your website and e-commerce

Create your course in minutes using all kinds of contents

We do not exaggerate! Forget about complicated settings and processes to get your course ready.

Manage and set your course with different roles and permissions

Configure the course to your liking with multiple options that evolCampus offers.

Choose how to register your students

Enrol your students in a simple, manual, massive or automatic way.

Communication tools for all users

In evolCampus, you have all tools to share information and communicate with teachers, students, coordinators, administrators.

Reports and monitoring

Information is necessary to understand how your course progresses. Obtain it by monitoring students or communicating with them.


Evaluate your students properly by choosing the pass criteria and the exercises that best suit your course.

Certificates and surveys

Once the course is finished, offer certificates to your students and, to improve in future editions, launch a satisfaction survey. ​

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